Game Seed Publishing Services


Business Development/Platform Licensing

With Game Seed, we help game developers focus on what's most important - game development. Licensed with all major platforms, we enable our developers a simplified process for getting your game onto the marketplace of your choice.




One aspect we forget as game developers, is the fact that a game is a product. In most cases, building something does not always equate to generating users and sales. There's a process and at Game Seed we walk you through the steps necessary to identify your market, users and unique opportunity. Our goal is to develop a successful strategy that builds awareness and generates maximum sales.



quality Assurance/Game testing

Video games are extremely complex and are sometimes full of hundreds of hours of content. The time and energy necessary to thoroughly validate all functions and features is quite time consuming. At Game Seed, we are standardizing the QA process and recruiting a large and active pool of game testers. We believe that testing should be done during all phases of development. Our test teams will enhance and amplify all of your game testing efforts.